3 Distinct Ways Dogs Are Like Humans

1. I Don’t Want This Bone. I Want THAT OTHER Bone.
Like humans, dogs have have personal preferences. Just as we may favor certain foods, gadgets, and people; dogs have favorite foods, toys and even people. Each dog is different with their likes and dislikes. A dog can be a social butterfly, enjoying the presence of everyone, while other dogs can be very choosey with whom they want to spend their time.

2. Excuse Me, that’s MY recliner 
Some experts say to not let your animal companions on the furniture. Others say its not big deal. One thing is for sure, humans and dogs alike love to chill out on our favorite furniture. Whether it be a recliner, couch or even bed (is bed considered furniture? that kind of seems weird to call it that) they (like us) are opportunists and will gladly hog all the space they can. 

3. I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying
There is nothing quite like the bond between a human and their animal companion. Dogs connect very strongly to their pack. Whether that be other dogs or cats, or their human guardians. They are emotional creatures just like humans. Studies have shown that dogs feel complex emotions ranging from jealousy to anticipation and that they can even discern the emotional expressions on the faces of humans. They are instinctive and also intuitive animals that are thought to experience joy, fear, love, anger, and affection. Anthropomorphizing can be a serious problem, but the emotional range dogs feel shouldn’t be ignored.

So, what other ways do you thing dogs are like humans? Reply back, I’d love to hear your stories! 

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