★ Spring Break or Fleece ★

Fleece or Pasture
Fleece or Pasture

I just finished up a week long spring break. I managed to get some unattended projects done around the house, but more importantly I finished up 3 paintings and got a few others started. I’m trying to be more prolific with my painting and art-making. I’ve instituted some production goals and it’s been working out great. I have been painting almost everyday and finally finished this big painting of a ram, “Fleece or Pasture”. It’s oil on wood panel and measures 48×32″. Laying out these goals and sticking to them has allowed me to hone in on my technique, skills and subject matter. Lots of work planned for this year! So with that being said, it’s time to get back to the studio – I hope you all are enjoying the spring so far.

Until the next 30 moons…



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